Top 3 benefits of basement waterproofing

If you would like to protect the health of your family and value of your home, one of the most important things that you will need to do is to solve basement problems. A wet basement can smell and feel nasty and can pose a great risk and even affect the value of your home. If left unchecked, basement moisture can ruin walls and floor, cause molds and even result in damage to the roofing. There are certain wet basements that can easily be cured by clearing gutters and diverting the gutter water from foundation. However, if the problem is from other areas such as water flowing towards the house, backing up from a storm drain or penetrating from underground, you will need to take more serious measures. There are many benefits of basement waterproofing. You may not even be aware of some of them when you decide to do basement waterproofing. The top 3 benefits of waterproofing a basement includes:

Better energy efficiency

By doing repairs to your basement and filling cracks, it is possible to save a good deal of money on your electric and heating bill. When there are small spaces in the basement, warm air will escape and cool air will get in. This will cause your heating system to work harder so as to keep your home in a comfortable temperature. With basement waterproofing, you will have these spaces and cracks filled causing your heating to take a small break from warming your home during winter.

Increase space and value of your home

Many people consider the basement to be nothing more than just an old and musty storage space where junks can be placed and laundry done. This is without doubt the wrong ways of looking at things and you should view the basement in terms of the square footage. This way you will be able to see that the basement account for an entire floor and can add up to a 1/3 or even ½ of the total space in your home. Therefore, you can see the amount of space that is wasted. When you waterproof your basement, you will be able to add healthy and usable space to your home.

The presence of molds can cause a musty odor and this can lessen the value of your home. If your home has a structural damage as a result of a damaged foundation, it will definitely fall in value. With basement waterproofing, it is possible to prevent these damages or even stop them from occurring and this can increase the overall value of your home. If you have plans to sell your home in future, you should consider seeking the services of a basement waterproofing company.

Avoid heath risks

It is clear that humidity and water cause the growth of toxic molds. However, you may be surprised to learn how easily and quickly this can happen. When there is conducive atmosphere, toxic molds can grow in a period of 24 and 48 hours. This can be scaring to know especially when the cause is as a result of minor basement leakages. Therefore, basement waterproofing is something important that should not be ignored.