Painting a garage can be a difficult task for homeowners when you are painting yourself rather than when you Hire A Painter.

The other parts of the house are easy to see as either indoors or outdoors, but the garage occupies a gray area.

Can you call a place where you park your car and keep all of your outdoor supplies indoors? Is it okay to put up indoor paint? or should you use something a little bit heavier and more protective? Here is a guide to help you figure out how you can tackle the complex issue of painting your garage.

The don’ts

Do not use eggshell or satin-sheen paints on your garage surfaces. Even though your garage itself may not be directly exposed to the elements such as rain and snow, it is still vulnerable to the effects of mold and sun.

But still, using weatherproofing paint is not necessary. You shouldn’t lay down something that will push off direct rainwater or direct sunlight.

The dos

Use an oil or latex paint, especially if you are in the middle of changing your garage storage system. Still, you will have to make sure to match the paint on the walls.

You will want to to an oil-based if you gave it already because once a wall has oil-based paint on it, you will need to scuff with sandpaper and etch with trisodium phosphate if you want to get latex paint to adhere.

The Finish

Gloss finish is the best kind of finish to use in a garage. This is because it will be the easiest to clean in the long run and can lead to a sleek, industrial look.

You should avoid a flat finish, because it is easy to scuff and hard to buff out. Also, flat finishes tend to fare poorly against mold, which is common in garages.

The coverings

If you are painting over a covering like drywall, you will need to prime it with a PVA primer.

This will seal it and also allow the top coat to bind. You can use any paint on top of primed drywall, however, it must be treated before applying.

If you are using wood paneling, it will require the same attention using a shellac-based wood primer.

For cement and brick walls, you will need a concrete primer and masonry paint to hold their new paint jobs.