Best Roller for Painting Walls

Best Roller for Painting Walls

When choosing an Exterior House painter to paint your walls, the right roller needs to be chosen for your wall to make all the difference just like brushes.

Not only you get a better finish painting your walls with the roller, but the work and finishing will be faster and smoother.

Although, it seems as if cheap discounts tempt almost everyone. This is good if you want a second finish that will give you extra work.

Sincerely, a good paint roller will cut you hours of painting time while leaving a smooth, even surface. The rollers are of different sizes, from the small one (that is useful for painting the wall behind the toilet) to large (for large wall surfaces)18-inch setups, but the most commonly used size is the 9-inch rolls
Roller covers are made from a wide range of materials with different lengths.

The type and size you need depend on your project.

Choose a non-mark roller cover. Do not bother yourself with foam rollers, because they are only suitable for testing paint colors. But when they are being used on a large surface, they create a lot of small air bubbles in the paint film leaving behind a bad finish.

Good roller covers are made of phenolic moisture resistant cores or plastic which will never absorb water and lose its shape.

For the fabric naps to remain attached to the base instead of ending of the wall, they are also made with solvent resistant glues.
Abstain from roller sleeves with untreated cardboard cores, the kind sold in bulk containers, which will absorb paint, soften and lose their shape in no time.

Choose a roller cover with a short nap of about 1/4-inch or 3/16-inch if you are painting a new drywall or slab with high gloss paint. A roller cover with short nap does not hold a lot of paint, but it leaves a smooth finish with little stipple or texturing.

You can use a nap sleeves of about 3/8 inches or 5/16-inch for eggshell paint on flat already painted walls as they will hold more paint with minimum paint stipple.

A 3/8-inch nap quality roller cover is sufficiently versatile to work with most paints on most surfaces.
It is advisable to use a 1/2-inch nap sleeves for medium textured plaster and similar surfaces, but be aware that roller stipples will be visible.

This is a perfect alternative for already painted walls or ceilings that already have some texture. Most professionals recommend a nap sleeves of about ¾-inches or even more for rough surfaces like concrete blocks.

If the heap of the roller cover is less dense, it will hold more paint without splashing. To achieve excellent results, look for a roller cover that will hold paint as much as possible, however free on the wall with minimum splashes.