Three most common reasons a basement leaks

Credit: St. Louis basement waterproofing kind of project

Credit: St. Louis basement waterproofing kind of project

If you have ever experienced leakage in your basement, you may understand how serious the problem can be. On top of the issue of standing water, you may have to deal with the potential of damage to your belongings and molds. If you would like to protect your home basement leakage, you will need to understand the common water entry points. While it is important to contact a waterproofing professional to do the job, you also need to educate yourself on the causes of the water problems and how the current situations can stop it in future.

Your basement could be one of your favorite rooms or it could just be a room that you use to store things. Whatever the case, water will try to get into the room and you will also need to keep it out. Here are some of the reasons why your basement may be leaking water.

Basement leak from top of wall

It is possible for water to leak into the basement/ foundation wall if the ground is near level or even sloping into structure. When you have rain water draining towards your home instead of away from it, there are high chances that the water will find an entry-point into the basement. This is a common problem in the older homes even though new homes can also experience this problem. Perhaps all you will need to do is to look into the gutter system of the house. If the downspouts aren’t long enough or slants towards the home, this could result in them discharging water into your basement.

The soil around the home will get settled over time in comparison to the surrounding soils that remains undisturbed. When the soil around the house settles, it can create low spots through which water drains into the house.

Leaks in window wells

If you have window wells around the basement, these can allow sunlight to get into the room, add to the décor of the home on top of keeping water and soil away from the window. While these can serve well to keep away ground water and rain water where necessary, the window well may be unable to function properly if the entire drainage isn’t working.

Overflowing gutters can result in disruption of the window well. If there is obstruction in the gutters, rain water can overflow and gush out. This can cause the window wells to fill with water. Therefore, if you have basement leaks, it is important to check the gutters to ensure that they are clear and the downspouts are draining away from the well. You should also ensure that the windows are installed properly and they have their own drainage system that is linked with the foundation drain.

Basement wall cracks

Basement wall cracks are some of the most serious problems in regard to leaking basements. This is due to the fact that the issue doesn’t stop by just fixing the crack. You will need to determine the cause of the crack to ensure that more problems don’t crop up. There are high chances that the basement crack was as a result of pressure. No matter the cause of basement leaks, it is important to consult a professional.